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Presentations (no other printing or electronic distribution)
One-time, single presentation...........................$21.00 per cartoon
Multiple presentations during one year...........$80.00 per cartoon

(Volume discounts available.)

Periodicals(printed, intranet, or e-mail)
One-time internal (in-house) use .............................$75.00 for one cartoon.
One-time use in member or customer newsletter......$125.00 for one cartoon.
(Volume discounts available.)

[For an explanation of our usage and pricing categories, see below.]

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All prices include:
~ Free dialogue changes to tailor the cartoons to your needs
~ Rapid e-mail delivery (usually within minutes)

Pricing/Usage Explanation:
If you want to use a cartoon in PowerPoint or other format before a live audience, presentation pricing applies. You may purchase the right to use our cartoons either once or as often as you want during the course of a 12-month period. Pricing includes distribution only to those in attendance. The cartoon you receive will be a low resolution, 72dpi, .gif file, which is perfect for presentations.

If you want to use cartoons in a periodical, or "temporary" vehicle, like a newsletter, email, poster, screensaver, etc., then the Periodical Pricing table applies and varies as to whether the usage is internal only (i.e., employees) or external, such as for a customer or prospect newsletter or email. The cartoon you get for this type of usage will be a high resolution, 300dpi .tif file.

Note: Please contact us about pricing information for all manuals, external magazines and books. We also have a special program for using cartoons in high school or university classes.

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